Cinnamon tea control blood sugar level and helps in weight loss


cinnamon tea benefitsRecently we ran a story in which we apprised you about Cassia cinnamon, which contains coumarin a toxic substance which could play havoc with your body. But all is not lost there is better and safer cinnamon as well. People call it Ceylon cinnamon. If you happen to get that tea made from Ceylon cinnamon you will get not only sophisticated taste and aroma but also health benefits. Yes cinnamon tea offers lots of health benefits.

Cinnamon tea contain anti-oxidants — Having an ORAC value of 267536 ?mol TE/ 100g in ground cinnamon, this food ingredient can said to be a powerful anti-oxidant. You may perhaps aware that high quality all natural anti-oxidants help a person’s body to mend itself. One can easily benefit from diabetes, damaged skins, Parkinson’s aging and Alzheimer.

Good for stomach flu – If you have been suffering from stomach flu caused due to a virus, cinnamon tea will help you in controlling this condition. A single sip will help kill that bad virus in your stomach with the help of cinnamon oil. According to researchers cinnamon can effectively kill virus called Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter.

Blood sugar control — After a heavy meal cinnamon tea can help reduce sugar spikes and aid your body better modulates blood sugar levels. As Ceylon Cinnamon contains low coumarin levels. So there is nothing to worry about, diabetic patients can also sip a cup of this tea without any hassles.

Weight-loss aid — After having a cinnamon tea you feel completeness as it helps in absorbing nutrient into your body more capably. After consuming this tea you will not feel any desire to eat more. When your body’s sugar levels are even your body won’t find to take more food. Thus this tea aids in your weight-loss process as you don’t carve for more food after having a one cup tea.

It controls yeast infection – Yes, cinnamon tea helps in controlling yeast infection, in fact you will find references in laboratories which suggests that cinnamon oil in reality kills yeast, as the tea contains the real cinnamon bark oil.

Cinnamon tea prevents heart disease — The tea is rich in calcium, iron, manganese while fiber present in it could help people who suffer from coronary artery disease and high blood pressure. Manganese present in cinnamon tea absorb calcium and you can find the proper functioning of thyroid, sex hormones, and correct regulation of blood sugar level, carbohydrates and metabolism of fats.

Cinnamon tea as mouth freshener — When you drink cinnamon tea without sugar you will feel fresh and the taste of your mouth will become germ free. This tea also prevents tooth decay and control gum disease.

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