Choosing right Breast Augmentation and Breast Enhancement procedure


breast augmentationThe world has been changing very fast, inventions and discoveries in almost every field has changed the world scenario. Almost daily we come to know the discovery of a new product. In the medical science, breast augmentation and enhancement has also enhanced due to the introduction of new technology, if we compare it from the past years. Due to popularity of breast augmentation, breast enhancement surgery including plastic surgery, it has become almost necessary that women should opt from the safest collection of implants. Because you are aware that almost every women is unparalleled in her form and she has her own body type and also has breast augmentation or enlargement goals. When you search around you may perhaps come across broad range of implants suited for any body type.

With majority of women have come to know that breast augmentation, breast enhancement and plastic surgery has been touted as safe and even FDA has its approval. All this has given women a confidence that the implants they have been offered are quite safe.

Which type of breast implant would be correct?

In the back of every woman going for breast implantation has a question as to which size of breast implant to choose from? According to surgeons most women start with full C or mid D or Double D. According to literature of breast implants available, it reveals that bra cup size can’t said to be the right way to choose the ultimate profile. However, a true professional plastic surgeon would be able to reveal the secret in selecting the breast implant size. Did you know that breast implant filler is often measured in cc’s or cubic centimeters? Thus your plastic surgeon would use cc’s of filler in breast implants, which will definitely suit you. A majority of women choose implants between 250cc and 675cc. When choosing the size, it will be wrong to be influenced by your colleague’s decision.

You can easily focus on three key elements when you plan your augmentation like the breast tissue you have at present, the size of implant you are choosing and your body shape.

Latest trends in breast implantation

Recently FDA has approved new silicone gel-filled breast implant titled Natrelle 410 which are extremely Cohesive Anatomically Shaped Silicone-Gel Filled Breast Implant to surge breast size (augmentation) in women at least 22 years old. FDA gave its approval by following a data from 942 women. According to Jeffrey Shuren, M.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, Women while selecting the breast implants should ensure that breast implants has not been lifetime devices. Women should take all risks associated with breast implantation before going for augmentation and reconstruction surgery. They should also remember that it requires a long-term monitoring as well.

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