Chamomile effective for short-tempered, sensitive and rarely satisfied persons


chamomile effectivenessIf you have heard about naturopathy and homeopathy, chances are that you might have heard about Chamomile. Chamomile oil or its substance can be found in various homeopathic remedies. This herb has been known as a good remedy for people who are short-tempered, self-involved, sensitive or rarely satisfied. If you or your colleague has been encountering problems like insomnia, gallbladder, hardened muscles, feeling of anxiety, general tension, stomach, intestinal or menstrual problems, headache, ear and throat infection it is time to turn towards chamomile. This herb has been known as a good remedy for people who are short-tempered, self-involved, sensitive or rarely satisfied. You can easily combine this oil with other oils like rose, benzoe, neroli, lavender or geranìum in an aroma lamp or can use as a bath oil. You may perhaps come across the fact that chamomile has been traditionally used in medicine of children. When you see your children feeling impatient, tense, teething pain, colic or flatulence  use chamomile massage oil or give it in the form of chamomile tea.

This oil also comes handy during pregnancy. It you have been an expectant mother use this essential oil in bath and mix it with rose oil, it will help in relieving restlessness, fear and tension. There are different varieties of chamomile available, however, the two most popular verities include Roman Chamomile and Chamaemelum nobile (Anthemis nobilis) also known as bath chamomile. Did you know that essential oil from German Chamomile Matricaria Chamomilla has intense fragrance? The German Chamomile have also been called as blue chamomile due to the presence of azulen. The blue chamomile is often used to treat fever and has been preferred over Roman Chamomile for treating various infections, wounds and ski-disorders. If you take this oil orally, it will treat colitis, gastritis and infections of the small intestine. This oil aids healing and helps in relieving pain and colics.

Chamomile has been found effective in healing open leg sores, eczema,  gingivitis, abscesses and infected ingrown nails. This oil has also been used for treating shingles. You can apply this oil with lavender balm and bergamot. Chamomile oil has also been preferred in cosmetics industry and treats dry, inflamed and irritated skin. You can find this oil in different shampoos and conditioners and even shampoo and conditioners meant for children too which lighten hair you can even massage this oil during pregnancy. For example take 5 drops of Roman chamomile, 2 drops each of rose and neroli oil and mix in 13/4  fluid ounces of hazelnut oil for this purpose.

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