Breastfed babies are more prone to diaper rashes


diaper rashesThere is no denying the fact that every parent has to deal with the situation of diaper rash. On majority of occasions parents feel helpless as to how to soothe their kid, who has been crying for a while for the diaper rash. If you encounter redness on the skin or a few pimply spots on the skin of your kid, these are the reasons of a diaper rash. According to Bridget Boyd, MD, director of the new-born nursery at Loyola University Medical Center and assistant professor of paediatrics at Loyola University, Chicago, “Diaper rash occur due to the skin’s reaction to irritants like extreme moisture, wipes, diapers or child’s waste or lotions”.  Boyd says that often breastfed babies are more prone to diaper rash, as they tend to produce looser stool usually.

Boyd suggests that parents should apply cream containing zinc oxide on a baby’s bottom as soon as parents change diaper during frequent stools. Moreover chose thick cream, as thicker creams are better.

Often it has been noticed that diaper rash occur due when the skin come into contact with a new product, if this has been the case choose the earlier product in which child was comfortable.

  • Moreover, tight fitting diapers also cause diaper rash, the problem aggravates when the skin is wet.
  • If your child has the condition of eczema and atopic dermatitis the kids could develop diaper rash.
  • If the breast feeding mother has been taking antibiotics for a while, the drugs after effect may cause skin rashes to the baby.
  • Infants or baby have a soft skin, but various detergents, baby lotions, soaps and fragrance could irritate the delicate skin of the kid. Check with your physician regarding which products could result in skin or diaper rashes.

According to Boyd parents should stay away from alcohol or fragrances as they irritate the skin.

How to control diaper rashes?

  • Parents should expose the affected area to air and make effort that the baby should take a nap on a burp rag.
  • You should make efforts to change the diaper quite often.
  • Consider having oatmeal baths.
  • Moreover use superabsorbent disposable diaper.
  • Avoid using soaps on the affected area
  • Wash the diaper area with warm water and include a soft cloth.
  • Give more fluids to the baby to combat diaper rashes.
  • At all cost avoid using talcum powder and cornstarch. As both may cause conditions like respiratory problems and yeast infection.

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