Bitter Melon extracts stop growth of cancer cells


bitter melonCall it as Momordica, Charantia, bitter gourd, bitter squash, bitter melon, almost every diabetic patient would be able to recognize it with its appearance without battling their eyelid. In India and other Asian countries bitter melon has been extensively used. In most of the studies in the past this vegetable in different forms has been used to treat various conditions pertaining to diabetes. But of late, this vegetable has been acknowledged to offer relief from disease like breast cancer including neck and head cancer also.

A recent study has just established their mark on this dietary supplement when it said that “Bitter Melon extracts exerts a significant effect against breast cancer cell growth and may eventually has chance to become chemo preventive agent against this form of cancer. Preliminary findings of this study have just been published in the Public Library of Science One Journal by Ratna Ray, Ph D associate professor of pathology at Saint Louis University who employed human breast cancer cells and primary human mammary epithelial cells in vitro. The researchers found that this mechanism of bitter melon extract was able to lessen propagation i.e. cell augmentation and division and persuaded death in breast cancer cells.

Ray also said the vegetable has been in use both in India and China which has the capability to decrease head and neck cancer cell growth in the animal model. In Asian countries people usually take this vegetable in salad, stir fries and even drink its juice. Ray further said they had plan to see the effect of the bitter melon extract treatment on other types of cancer employing different types of model systems. In animal model, the researchers noted that within four months’ time the growth and volume of the tumor was considerably diminished. Earlier Ray had tested the effects of this extract in breast and prostate cancer.

Ray revealed that they can’t predict the exact impact of bitter melon extract on the cell growth, but suggested that it can be taken with existing drug therapy which will help the effectiveness of the overall current treatment option.

The researcher said that head and neck cancers which are aggressive in nature amount for 6 percent of all cancers which start from nose, mouth, sinuses, voicebox and throat. With the passage of time they go on spreading to different parts of the head or neck.

But in this initial research, bitter melon was able to control the growth of the cell.

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