Apart from heart, Red wine also cure mental depression


wine and depression relationWe have heard it before that if one drink red wine moderately it will have a good impact on the heart. But recently a Spanish study suggested that apart from healing heart a little wine if taken in moderation may also avoid depression. On the one hand drinking a lot of wine or other alcohol may be a sign of depression but if taken moderately it may help prevent depression revealed Dr. Mignel Martinez Gonzalez, University of Navarra, in Pamplona. The report has been published Aug 30, in the online journal BMC Medicine. Depression and heart disease share a common mechanism as they share many similar protective factors and risk factors.

The study authors cautioned that in order to heal depression people should not start drinking blindly. If you consume alcohol take it one or less drinks a day and preferably drink wine instead of other alcoholic beverages. Though the study was based in Spain, the researchers revealed that in Spain not drinking wine depicts serious social isolation, but when you drink a glass of wine it simply shows having a normal social life. The study was carried on more than 5,500 light to moderate drinkers for up to seven years. They were in the age group 55 and 80 years. During the start of the study no individual was suffering from depression or alcohol related problems. During those seven years researchers and doctors kept tabs on participants’ mental health and lifestyle.

During the study wine was the most popular and favorable drink and those participants who took two to seven glasses a week were least likely to suffer from depression compared to non-drinkers. These findings were vital as they took all the factors like smoking, diet and marriage into account.

Benefits of Red Wine – Wine plays a vital role. It actually helps in controlling heart related problems, which is the leading cause of death in people who abuse alcohol. Heavy drinking may harm the heart and liver. Did you know red wine contains antioxidants called flavonoids? Apart from red wine, the American Heart Association reveals that controlling your blood pressure, cholesterol, exercise, following low fat diet, not smoking and keeping healthy weight is essential to prevent heart diseases.

Researchers in the past have also suggested on several occasions that drinking red win in moderation also helps in preventing cancer and other conditions like Type-II diabetes, Alzheimer, cardiovascular etc. Thus when you drink wine you kill two birds with one stone. But do it moderately, else you will be in depression.

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