5 essential steps revealed to protect your immune system


5 ways to protect immune systemImmune system in your body can said to be the lifeline and has been considered as a reckoning force to improve your lifespan as its main role is to fight external impurities. The role of immune system in our body is to keep our bodies fit and healthy. If you intend to increase your life span and live longer, you may have to do some home work to achieve your goal. Follow the following steps and you may say good bye to various diseases waiting to surprise you at any moment:

Sleep – Sleep has remained the number ingredient as far as protecting your immune system is concerned. You might be aware that newborn sleeps for 22 hours that’s why they grow faster. Thus, in order to grow healthy you require a tonic in the form of sleep. So avoid spending long hours on late night movies or before your computer or tablet and take rest, so that you can wake up fresh. Moreover, keep all tension, business, office gossips at bay when you sleep. Sleeping for 6 to 8 hours at night is essential which will help in protecting your immune system. Moreover, wear light clothes it will help your body to remain more relaxed.

Sun-rays – Sunrays have been considered the second most important source to protect our immune system. You can get benefits from diseases like anaemia, leukaemia, softening of bones, physical and mental disability through sunlight. Sunlight improves digestion, quickens blood, provides nutrition, increases elimination of impurities and make our immune system strong. Spend atleast 30 to 40 minutes under the sun.

Air – Air has been considered the third source of energy which protects our immune system. We can live without food for a week but can’t live without air for a few minutes. Early morning has been touted as the best time to get fresh air/oxygen. Try walking near the greenery. Try to wear loose cotton clothes, so your skin can breathe.

Water – Water has also been considered essential for our immune system. It helps in cleaning our entire body perfectly and systematically. Did you know that you can treat various diseases through water?  Drink water before breakfast to get the maximum benefit.

Avoid relying on junk food – In order to give boost to your immune system, avoid junk food at all costs. Take tea, coffee, sodas moderately. Moreover, don’t ever smoke or drink heavily. Avoid taking medicine for minor ailments. Low confidence and lack of will, can also give dent to your immune system. The habits have been considered slow poisons and break the body system.

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