5 effective ways to control snoring


positive thoughtsSnoring or sleep apnea can be disturbing to you as well as your partners. Snoring occurs when the body’s oxygen level goes down and your heart has to work overtime to meet the body’s optimal oxygen.

Sleep apnea can lead to very serious physical ailment including diabetes and other heart diseases like high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

Most people are on a look out for permanent solution to snoring. However, they get disappointed when they can’t find any solution to snoring. Here are some home remedies for snoring:

1.         First, home remedy for snoring is controlling stress level in your body. We all lead a very stressful life. In this mêlée we forget how to breathe naturally. Moreover, if your partner informs you that you were snoring at night, you can inhale some steam. This way any obstructions which are blocking the airways path would be cleared.

2.         Don’t go for any type of pills. Physicians discourage taking pills including sleeping pills. So taking no pills is the best home remedy for snoring.

3.         Inculcate positive thoughts. When you sleep let positive thoughts come to your mind. Forget about your job and the things you have to do tomorrow. Go into deep meditation and sleep.

4.         Some time your favorite pillow could be the cause of snoring. So the best home remedy for snoring is to adjust your sleeping pillow. In order to control snoring try to sleep without any pillow see if it rectify your snoring problem.

5.         Various studies have revealed that certain foods are the culprit behind snoring. So avoid large meals, alcohol, dairy products, caffeine, soymilk Antihistamines etc.

Hope with the above methods snoring can be rectified. Any other comments on controlling snoring are welcome.


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