5 easy steps which will aid you to quit smoking

5 easy ways to quit smokingIt will be hard to find a person who has not been stressed out. We all know that stress always come knocking at your door in different shapes and sizes which is why people having little heart turn towards smoking at the stressful hour. No you won’t meet stress when you are completely exhausted, even happy occasions, on most occurrences turn into a hectic activity and lead to stress. At other times, people on holiday find themselves in stressful situation, when for example, their seats are full or they lost baggage or any other injury they encounter during holiday. This could be the reason why people take the assistance of smoking to combat stress levels. On other occasions dealing with kids turned out to be stressful when they fail to eat or dealing with their tantrums. Business personnel and other office-goers have to face stressful situation in their organization from time to time. To deal with the situation they turn towards smoking, which doesn’t any solution at all, but give these people a sort of psychological satisfaction that now they can deal with the situation.

Men in particular take the succor of alcohol and smoking in stressful situations. But it may prove laudable if these people quit smoking and start leading a simple and healthy living but taking the assistance of natural solutions to combat stressful situations. No doubt when you smoke you may calm down for a while, but smoking will not only harm you, but may put the life in danger for people around you through second-hand smoke.

However, here are quick 5 steps which will aid you to quit smoking:

Relax for a while – No matter how stressful the situation may become, find a way to relax quickly. For this, why not start imagining yourself in the midst of your favorite travel place? This will give a quick beating to the stressful condition.
Deep breathing will definitely work – Take a few deep breathes wherever you happens to be, for example take deep breathing through your nose and out through your mouth. You will definitely feel relaxed.

Indulge in Exercise – You have heard it akin times, that when you exercise it helps in reducing stress level. Some people have established that exercise like walking to be the easiest exercise and improves overall health.

Visualize yourself in a safer place – As mentioned above, imagine that you have been on a quick vacation. Likewise, close your eyes and just imagine yourself in a comfortable and safe place. Enjoy at this place for a short while.

Identify the tight spots of your body – We know about the tight spots in our body, if don’t stop for a while and focus on your body and you will easily find tight spots location. You can relax your body through stretching, taking a warm bath or why not get a massage. You can also rub your shoulders neck and head and release the bothering tension.

Focus on what’s happening now – People are usually worried about future things which may go wrong in the future, instead try to focus on “here and now”. Let you handle the situations one by one.

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