10 ways to lose weight in less than 6 months


10 ways to lose weight in 6 monthsIf you are an obese you might have been experiencing a hell of life when you see yourself in the mirror. You might get disheartened while comparing yourself to a famous actor on the screen. In all probability you want to lose weight come what may. However, following 10 tips reveal how to lose weight naturally and without following any cumbersome procedures. With patience and perseverance you are going to lose your weight in less than 6 months.

1.  Reduce intake of sugar in your tea or coffee. If you can’t live without sugar but intend to reduce for the sake of losing weight, you should gradually reduce the number of teaspoonfuls until you stop it completely. I bet you will lose substantial weight within 6 months. Thus, the taste of sugar in tea or coffee will become repulsive.

2.   If you can’t sacrifice the above point, and don’t enjoy your tea or coffee without sugar, instead take saccharine. Saccharine was discovered in 1879 and has been found safe if taken moderately.

3.   You should understand the difference between hunger and greed. If you feel hungry your stomach will tell you. But if you aspire to have once more bite, even if you are not feeling hungry that is greed, which you have to control. To control this aspiration you have to train your brain as not to take the extra food.

4.   Avoid the accumulation of fatty food in your home or office and even avoid their picture as well as it will tempt you to get those foods.

5.   Take raw or slightly cooked vegetables as they are much better because the vitamin C is not destroyed.

6.   If you are not feeling hungry but you have time set to eat the food at that interval on a daily basis, skip that meal at any cost. Eat it only when you feel hungry.

7.   Eat slowly, don’t gulp this will help you get the required nutrition.

8.   Use non-stick pans only to reduce or cut out the amount of fat used.

9.   Eat your food in small servings like four to five small meals instead of one or two large meals as a single large meal will provide you more calories than small servings at different intervals.

10.  Clean your teeth after your evening meal. It will keep your teeth health and would also discourage you for eating more as you would be too lazy to try eating one more bite when you have washed off your face.

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